1. Admission of a student in the school will be done on the basis of merit.
  2. For new admissions necessary documents such as Transfer Certificate and Character Certificate from the school last attended and copy of the Mark List of the qualifying examination must be submitted.
  3. Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the First Term which commences in April/July. Every student for admission must be introduced in person by the parents who will be responsible to the Principal for her. The Application will be made through Online Registration Portal . A student coming from another school must bring Transfer Certificate before the admission is made. If the student comes from another State, the school Leaving Certificate needs the signature of the Educational Officer. Registration of students seeking admission into Class VI will be done on the dates which will be liked and notified in time. These students will then appear for an entrance test. Seats will be granted strictly on the basis of test results. The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application for admission without having to assign reasons for her action. When a Transfer Certificate is required, Rs.15O will be deposited and a withdrawal Form will be filled and signed by the parent or guardian. The Certificate will be given on the following day. All Fees and other dues to the College must be paid up before the T.C. issued.All pupils wishing to enter our school must take an entrance examination. Principal
  4. DATE OF BIRTH once entered will not be altered on any account whatsoever.
  5. For taking admission the parents of the student must be present and sign the admission form.