Dear Parents, my dear Teachers and Students

Animated by the selfless love of Jesus , We the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel , founded by Mother Veronica in 1868 in fidelity to her Charism, “God alone suffices” offer to our youth the service of education to the girl child. It’s a total development of a person, forming responsible citizen to meet the challenges of the future and to work for the transformation of society.
  • A women with a vision
  • Empowers an empire
  • Of women to do more
  • See more and be more
  • We here at Carmel feel that it is our duty to train our girls for future. A future which is independent and bright for them. A future where we prepare them to fight for their rights and stand for their rights. In a world where there is cut throat competition, where thousands of new technologies and discoveries take place every minute, where moral values seem some what camouflaged by the digital world , we are trying our best to help our girls to find their own identity, stay rooted to their values, get educated, get empowered, have a vision of their own and work towards achieving their goals. Carmel works to uphold the dignity and rights of every human being irrespective of caste, class or creed. It teaches us to respect life in all it forms and above all to be selfless in service to the poor and less privileged. We also teach our girls to be self reliant and courageous in facing the difficult situations of life. The world is changing and unfortunately some of the changes do not favour to the right growth of our children. Let us all together work towards creating an atmosphere which is more condusive towards the healthy growth of the child. An atmosphere which creates positive energy in the child. An atmosphere which will help our girls to grow up into beautiful , independent, courageous human beings with a passionate heart and a wise mind. I ask God to shower His abundant blessings on you always. May you continue to grow in love and compassion of our beloved Mother Veronica and may our lady of Mount Carmel continue to guide us all in upbringing our children with strong moral values, positive attitude and a generous character. .

    Sister Merician A. C.